We provide retirement plan services customized to your business needs

Fiduciary Guidance

Your plan’s fiduciaries have personal liability for compliance with ERISA and DOL. We help manage the entire process.

Core Portfolio Management

Your plan participants deserve a disciplined approach to investment management and access to institutional rather than retail funds for your plan.

Employee Education

In addition to providing plan services, we also support your employees directly through our customizable education curriculum.

You Choose What You Need Your Plan to Accomplish

The Vestia True Choice™ Retirement Plan platform offers a comprehensive approach that serves your real needs. Before we take over your plan, we first focus on identifying the most critical needs of the plan. For instance, are you trying to maximize tax benefits for your owners or are you trying to provide a great benefit your employees value and appreciate?

If your firm has fewer employees, you may have a different set of needs, and a more unique plan might fit you best. We have expertise in cash balance plans and defined benefit pensions to help you make the most of the money you set aside for retirement.

You Choose How Much Risk You Want Us to Absorb

Many plan advisors are content to let plan trustees carry the full fiduciary risk of the retirement plan. This means personal liability is carried by someone at your practice or business – and they may not even know it. To better protect you, we participate in the risk right alongside you and help guide the trustees to fulfill their fiduciary obligations.

As a named fiduciary of your plan, we manage the bulk of your plan’s due diligence calendar for you to make sure your actions are properly documented and on track.

Your Professionals Can Choose their Own Advisor in a Penalty-Free and Reduced Audit Environment

The Vestia True Choice™ Retirement Plan platform presents a fresh option in an industry full of lookalike providers. We understand that not everyone at your practice wants to work with the same financial advisor.

 Instead, through Vestia True Choice™, your participants work with any advisor they want (provided that advisor can work within the framework of your plan), and we don’t charge that plan participant for investment management services unless they choose to work directly with us.